FAF_lab is a visual laboratory and a collaboration hub by the artist FAF Collage, that is specialized in mixing medias through analogue collage.

The spirit of the project is applying collage art to commercial luxury and fashion products in order to create surreal and unexpected visual and social media campaigns.

Being a marketing professional for fashion and luxury since more than 20 years, FAF Collage aims to reconnect art with fashion and luxury worlds, in order to create an emotional and dream driven connection with the consumer.

Magnify the product through its personal story, while creating a narrative circle between it, graphic elements and pieces of pictures, personally researched and photographed by the artist.

The visual campaigns can be either way left to the imagination of the artist or studied with the social media manager and the creative director in order to match the aesthetics and the values of the brand.

FAF_lab  also specializes in the study of logos and graphic corporate identity that reflect the inner soul of the brand, applying the same concept of Wunderkammer collage through the inspirational visual board, than will be also part of the storytelling of the brand.