Ph. Credit Niccoló Verecondi Scortecci

FAF Collage aka Francesca Alexia Fanciulli

I was born in Genoa, Italy, in February ‘1978, but luckily I soon had the opportunity to become a global citizen. Buenos Aires, where I grew up, Milan, where I spent most of my professional life, and Paris, where I currently live serve as landscapes of my daily.
These cities, their perfumes, colors and folklore are pivotal backgrounds of my life.
My private collage.

Indeed, similar to my handmade collages, my life is a fabulous mix of different, even opposite, experiences that, after meticulously cutting, assembling and pasting, create all together a unique and incredible story.

My passion for collage started from cutting. I was only a child when I observed and copied my mother, who, used scissors to cut fabric for her designs. Cropping images and pasting them on whatever background, following my inner surreal worlds was my way to build my own unique and personal code to speak without words.
That was only the beginning.

I went to Art School to cultivate my interest in art and graphics, and ultimately in nature and its mysteries, since I believe that they are all connected.
I collect, phisically and imaginatively, the unusual; my art represents perfectly the mix of who I am and what I am experiencing.

For more than 20 years I’ve been working as a leading marketing and business development expert for major fashion and luxury brands in the world.
I have the opportunity to work closely with masters of creativity, having had the chance to work with the highest and most prestigious craftsmanship of the field: Haute Couture and handmade, where passion, art and commitment are fundamental elements of the business and scissors are the main characters.

I can only say: nothing happens by chance!

The dichotomy between my strong business profile and my artistic side allows me to see reality in all its aspects… beautiful and romantic, fast and insidious.
It is for that reason that and also a deep understanding of what we are surrounded by, I am able to create my personal aesthetic made of symbolism, metaphors and dark humor with a fashion and glossy perspective.
My life force is a mix of ingredients which could appear opposite but, just like my artworks, the final result is something more than the meaning of each single element; similar to the regal image of Vogue meeting the flyer of an Argentine supermarket and existing together in a single, new context.

I love to call the main characters of my stories “forgotten images”.
They are the images that we barely noticed in the redundant world of concepts, because we distracted.
The ones that are used as a background to the words and to the society consumption concepts.
A thousand of subjects grouped by topic, age, contrast or culture which serve to support an equally overloaded world.

Those whole or partial images, those graphic patterns, emerge to create stories of possible worlds and social representations of mental states and serving as warning for those who stop to observe and let the collage speak.

So open your mind, your heart, and enjoy the ride!