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Nostalgic sunset 2020 30x40web

I do transform forgotten images into unforgettable paper collage stories.

Finally decontextualized from the overcrowed realm where they were sticked, the FORGOTTEN IMAGES democratically mingle in a narrative circle.

They seize their chance to be the main characters of a story written by them and born for them.

Their stage for expression.


Yes what if I fly FAFCollage paper collage 30x40 72dpi 2 1

WHAT IF YOU FLY ? A creative initiative risen from current enforced confinement due to the *covid19 global pandemic curated by the photographer Elli Ioannou, Paris. “I have always believed in the positive outcomes of collaborating with inter-disciplinary practitioners in both creative and ‘non-creative ‘ fields and this exhibition is evidence of this belief”. (E.Ioannou) […]

Special Projects

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I am proud to be part of Fashviart, the premier Artists’ Network community designed to boost creative business interactions between Africa and Europe. Link to my profile: